Photo series printed in a limited edition book.

I met Francis in 2016. Shortly after, I started to photographer, randomly. She was always up for it and always ready. Her (contagious) energy reminded me a part of myself that I haven’t had the chance to fully express till then.
That was the starting point. 

Then one day, I got lost in an old mall in Porto. Found this marble staircase kissed by a beautiful light. I thought it would be a nice backdrop to shoot some images with Francis. 

Self initiated
Photo series

Printed book


Photography / Book concept /

Francisca Marques

Luca Sarti

Georgia Kareola

Ivano Salonia

Micheal Juris

Photos of location: Centro Comercial Brasilia - Porto

After looking at the images captured, I felt they needed to be printed in a small publication. In 2018 I independently printed 50 copies. The publication is the result of a creative collaboration between a designer, a writer, a printer specialist, retoucher, Francis and I. None of them knew each other, all of them committed to the project as if it was theirs. It was a long but really joyful process of gathering everyone’s expertise and excitement into a goal, which we could all get to touch afterwards.

Not having the publication bound allows the viewer to mix and match pages
and spreads and create new images out of the existing ones. Mix body parts
and garments in a random order.

There are a few copies left. If you would
like to buy one, please send me an email.

Photos by Luca Sarti

40 days of drawing