Music video for Jacqueline Folds

The music video for Reality translates its upbeat electronic sounds into a story rooted in a dichotomy. Mundane moments and daily routines, are overlapped with scenes of odd and ecstatic body movements.

Music video 

Jacqueline Folds/ Ricardo Leite

Cast/ Style

Micaela Terk

Jacqueline Folds/ Ricardo Leite

The contrast between skin (model) and concrete (city), stillness and
movement, far and close, warm and cold. The tension generated by the contrasts as well the oddity of movements are the key elements to tell
this story.


The result of this project relies on a long conversation between me and Ricardo. It was slow and wholehearted. The kind of creative collaborations i love having because there's mutual respect and trust. We inspire each other and were able to move throughout the project with very few compromises, which made the whole process really fun and efficient.

For the launch of Old Mattress Springs Blue LP, in addition to this music video I shot some images of Ricardo Leite (aka Jacqueline Folds). We went for a long walk in a late spring day in Erasmus Park in Amsterdam.

And after that walk in the park, i shot some images of Ricardo in his studio. 

40 days of drawing