This is a working progress photo series.


Partly captured in an exercise of contemplation. Partly captured in an exercise of portraiture of nature, stones and myself (within this environment). Lanzarote brought my imagination to an utopian world. Warm and wild, dry and empty. There are almost no trees, almost no agriculture crops. Very few people. There are volcanos, and lava stones everywhere. I see them as sculptures, and in this world art can be experienced with all our senses, we can smell it and touch it. There are so many stones that I now connect to them as living organisms. I wonder if they can feel, breath, think? They must, i believe. Can they shapeshift into another body, being? And over time, as I walk over them, can we transfer our bodily qualities into one another? As I sit and lie endless hours on them, I get their heat, even the marks of their shapes on my body. What do they get from me, I wonder? Can our bodies merge into something new? What would that look like? A new skin, stone skin.

[In the Past] My body carried stones inside for some years, many years ago. The repercussions of that invasion were rather traumatic, they stayed locked in my cognitive memory till not too long ago, and weight deep in my physical body for way too long.
[In the present] Perhaps it is time to befriend those stories and let my body be, free of fear. (to be developed)

The images were captured while staying in Lanzarote over 3 weeks earlier this year.

Photo series
Self initiated