Living in acceptance of the physical body
As a vehicle for living our human existence.
Release, tension, pain, joy, trauma.
The body as a container.
Movement personifies life in the human body.
Movement has a healing power.
Unlocks, discover, remember, forget, accept.
Movement is freedom.

July 2021

This series started in 2019 upon a commission to portrait the interpreters of a
performance that was presented during the Delft Frindge Festival. This is work
in progress. I aim to develop a short film where the  focus lies on portraying body
closeups in movement. It evokes the importance of being present in our bodies.

Role Concept/Photography/Co-Production
Co-production Fringe Festival Delft/ Merel Frank
Year 2019

Dancers Kevin Gumbs / Annemiek Mooij / Rosalina Renfurm / Sherise Strang


All photos are analog, all double exposures happened in camera.

40 days of drawing