On-Going series of drawings. 


Like most of us, I've been drawing since I was a kid. As a design student I had drawing classes, but I was never very technical.  I used drawing as a tool, part of my design process. For many years I stopped drawing completely, until 2020. As the world locked down, I went back to drawing. It started as a way to disconnect from screens and 24/7 overwhelming pandemic news.

Over the past 2 years, drawing became a really important practice to me. It's fluid, and it's never about the final result, rather being present. Calming my anxiety and overthinking, focusing and sticking to one simple activity, as well expressing what I couldn't do otherwise.

Self initiated


This is an overview of several series from the past 2 years.

Wild Wolrd - ink on paper - April 2020

Untitled Triptych - oil pastel on paper - January 2021


On-Going study for idiom - markers on paper

Triptycth | 01 my wave | 02 your wave | 03 riding together - marker on paper - November 2021


Body Scans -  an exercise of mapping emotions - December 2021

I HAVE NO WORDS - a drawing language i created to talk about all the things i have no words for - Decemeber 2021

Dancers -  Markers on recycled paper - February 2022

Black Ink on paper - March 2022

40 days of drawing