this is an invitation to be present

an invitation to look around and find beauty in the mundane

Hello, before you look at my work, I invite you to learn a bit about me. I am Ana Rita Sousa, I am an Amsterdam based art director and artist with a design background. Design thinking is at the core of everything I do. I respect the need for research and study a brief or idea thoroughly before suggesting a solution. In this era of fast consumerism and short attention spans, my approach might be rather slow. I believe good outcomes need time.


In my creative process and approach I am particularly interested in pursuing and capturing uniqueness. Discovering what makes a product, brand, individual, or event true and unique is my starting point. Based on that, I focus on tailoring something that is real and meaningful considering its context, history, identity, and impact (sociopolitical, environmental, and economical). I am interested in aesthetics and creative strategy, but I approach each project holistically. I believe in honesty over hype.

As an art director, I love research and concept development, as well as assembling the best fitting teams to deliver the optimal result for a specific project. I believe in selfless environments and collaborations, and enjoy holding space so that creative processes and problem-solving can happen smoothly, inspiring and effectively among good people. Good relationships built on trust, respect, and empathy are vital to doing great work.

For the past 12+ years I had the chance to work with a diverse range of clients— from small and local businesses to global brands — in the fields of culture, fashion, music, and lifestyle in Europe and Australia. I have collaborated with magazines, designers and design studios, musicians and advertising agencies. I have exhibited at several international design fairs, founded a design studio, initiated and executed several photographic projects.

My ability to understand and move transversally in both commercial and non-commercial worlds is probably one of my biggest strengths when it comes to work. I am empathic and sensitive, but also bluntly honest, and like to keep bullshit to a minimum.

My practice functions organically, it can scale up and down according to a project's needs. I work as an art director, artist, and consultant, both independently and with existing teams. I also have a strong network of talents who I can team up with. Above all, I prioritize keeping work relationships human, as well alignment on values and vision. I work best with forward- thinking, conscious and socially responsible individuals who are able to trust and dare to take (calculated) risks. I like to challenge the status quo, but I am also able to understand and execute straightforward, practical briefs.

Feel free to contact me if you are curious to meet me and start a conversation about a possible collaboration. Happy to meet IRL in Amsterdam (mostly) or online.


    - Art direction
    - Consultancy (creative)
    - Guidance (creative)
    - Film
    - Photography
    - Research

    - Adidas/Studio A
    - Reebok
    - Anomaly - Amsterdam
    - Ikea
    - Soda
    - TwoFish
    - Lion Cannes
    - ATG
    - Nagnata